Our Family

Meet the Watts Family!


Dexter and I (Patricia) have been married since 1995.  We met in college and have been on an incredible journey since. We have learned the art of being students of one another, understanding that our life together is a journey and is ever changing.  We love spending time at the lake with the kids, sports, working on projects, and following the Lord together.


DSC_1181Tony is our oldest son.  He is a graduate of Auburn University and is currently working as a Paramedic and is a CPR instructor.  He is our extreme adventure child.  He loves traveling, sky diving, wake boarding, snow boarding, bare back bronc riding, surfing, hunting, playing the guitar and writing songs. Even at his, he still loves being at home with the family.  He has the gift of serving others.


DSC_1145Parker is our next son who is 17 and in a senior in high school.  His passions are baseball, wake boarding, snow skiing, making movies, listening to worship music and building tree houses and shanties on our land.  He would be described by many as a leader, consistent, and does not compromise.  He also loves being at home with the family.  He is beginning his journey of preparing for college and playing baseball at the next level.


DSC_9578Sarah-Gracen is our 14 year old daughter who is in the ninth grade.  She is the perfect blend of girlie girl mixed with a little a tom boy.  She is my social butterfly, filling  up our calendar quite effectively.  Volleyball, four wheeling, fishing, nurturing friendships and social media are the things that she spends time doing. She has the gift of encouragement and seeks out those who need a friend. She is blessing others with her gifts and talents by leading worship each week.


DSC_1141Camden is our seventh grade son who is 13 years old.  He, like his brothers, also loves being at home.  You will find him on the football and soccer fields, flipping on the trampoline, riding his motorcycle, shooting his bow, deer hunting, knee boarding and telling stories.  He is a godly young man, very compassionate, always willing to help and wants to please others.


DSC_1193Maggie Mae is our 6 year old daughter we adopted from China in 2010.  She is visually impaired, but that does not keep her from embracing life.  You can read about our journey through adoption at maggiemaewatts.blogspot.com. She is full of joy, makes everyone around her smile, loves music, learning, riding her 4 wheeler, having dance parties, and jumping on the trampoline.  She is always honest and tells it like it is and loves to be your helper!


And then there are the endless animals that are finding refuge here! Harley is the 11yr old Weimaraner, Hank is the 8yr old English Springer Spaniel, Allie is the bob-tail cat and Katie is our newest kitten.  Mimi, our first grandchild Chihuahua, was originally bought for Sarah-Gracen, but  now has become Mom and Dad’s responsibility:).  Chip is Tony’s Boykin Spaniel, and our latest addition, 8  chickens!


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