A Southern Snowfall

I have done what I am sure many new bloggers have ….. NOT BEEN CONSISTENT!  Quite frankly, I went through a spell where I really didn’t think anyone cared what I had to say. But you know, I realized that I need to blog for me and not try to write what I think you might want to hear.  So, I am jumping back in full swing.  Lots going on at Acres of Hope, so let’s start with the biggest news of these past 2 months…

Our Homestead in the Snow

It only happens about every 4-5 years in our little town and it always shuts us down.  You guessed it, snow!  The children are all excited.  No school, roads closed, no milk or bread on the shelves in the local grocer, and endless trails of mud and water through the house.  Awwwwww…. a little piece of heaven!

The last time it snowed here was 4 years ago, and we remember it well.  It was the day we brought Maggie Mae home from China!  Beyond exhaustion from the 33 hours of travel, after 4 hours of sleep, everyone bundled up and headed out for some fun.  It only lasted half the day, but the kids had a blast!  This year, we got to enjoy it for 2 1/2 days!!!  So what do southerners do in the snow……..

Well you gas up the Polaris and the 4-wheeler and head to the shed to get the boogie boards you use at the beach, the wake skate and tube you use at the lake, grab some rope, hook em up and away they go!!!! No snowmen this year because the snow was too dry, but endless hours of being whipped around in the snow/mud was all they needed.

We took peaceful walks in the woods where we met up with this guy,  Ruby and Billy  stayed warm in their house all day, brewed lots of hot cocoa and smoke was continually rising from the chimney.  A few much needed days of rest on the homefront!

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